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Introducing a really simple new game to play, suitable even from the age of 6. Legend tells originally of four standing stones at Tara, connecting the four points. In this game your treasures are bridges. So weave your way around the board, connecting all the ringforts you can. Leave traps and try to capture your opponent. But be careful they don’t outsmart you!

2 Players


  • A match comprises two games, each player taking turns to start. The player with most points after two games wins the match.
  • At the end of each game the player who has used most bridges receives points. In case of a tie, the player who has used the most ringforts receives points.


  • Sit opposite your opponent with the empty board set squarely between you.
  • Each of you takes the tiles of your chosen colour, ignoring the kings.
  • (Optional) both players place their 40 bridges in two adjacent rows at the side of the board. This makes it easy to see who is leading throughout the game and to count points at the end.
  • Draw lots to determine who starts.


  • Each player takes turns to build (place) one ringfort on any vacant hill.
  • If you build a ringfort adjacent to one or more of your own ringforts, you must automatically link your new ringfort to each existing one in this same turn. So, if it's next to one, you use one bridge; if it's next to two, you use two bridges, etc. Note: enemy ringforts must never be linked.


  • If you besiege an isolated enemy ringfort, you must capture it on your next turn.
  • The ringfort is removed, then replaced by one of your own and linked, all in the same turn.
  • Capturing takes a complete turn. You must not build another ringfort in that turn. You may capture only one ringfort per turn, so if you have more than one to capture, you may choose which one to capture first.
  • Also, if your opponent has just built a ringfort on a besieged hill, you must capture it immediately.


  • At the start of any turn, whichever player does not have a turn first, calls "OUT". The other player then just has one more turn before the game ends.


  • Firstly, check that each player has placed all possible bridges.
  • Secondly, if you haven't placed your bridges in parallel rows, each player needs to remove their bridges and count them.
  • The winner is the player who has used most bridges, i.e. has the fewest bridges left in their row. The winner scores 2 points, plus bonus points for the difference in the number of bridges. For example, if the outcome was 34 to 27 bridges, the winner would get 7 bonus points. The other player does not receive points.
  • If both players have used the same number of bridges, the winner is the player with most territory. The winner scores 2 points, plus bonus points for the difference in territory. For example, if the outcome was 25 to 20 bridges, the winner would get 5 bonus points. The other player does not receive points.

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