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Singles - Level 1 - Kingdoms

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A connection game with a difference. Link all your ringforts together (if you can) with bridges to create a magical landscape of Celtic knotwork. Split your enemy up - “Divide and Conquer” - that’s the aim. But watch out for the enemy, they may try to capture your territory - so attack, defend or sacrifice? All ages can enjoy a truly unique strategic experience!

2 Players

LAST REVISED - 12th February 2014

Singles - Level 2 - Kingdoms

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Sacred Hill Level 2 gets big and bulky! Because the rules for building ringforts in Battle mean that you will generally get fewer, but more bulky kingdoms, the kingdom variant can produce very close games. So if you like living on a knife edge, this one is for you; it's concentration all the way!

This game is like a roller coaster; you can feel as though you're completely out of control. However, once you begin to master it, it's a great thrill. The skill in this game is to be able to see what's going to happen well in advance and to know when to attack your opponent and when to leave them alone. Mistiming will cause real problems for you; make a mistake, and you will pay for it dearly!

2 Players

Doubles - Kingdoms

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Once you've got accustomed to the singles game, add some partners and play doubles. You can play with Level 1 or Level 2 rules.

4 Players

LAST REVISED - 12th February 2014

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